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Brokenbeat Promo [05.03.08] from Accent Creative on Vimeo.

I just couldn’t help myself. When VJ Shikaku gave me a call few days ago inviting me for a second round at Kadan, I couldn’t help but say YES. For those of you that have been to BrokenBeat before I don’t need to explain how much fun is had, but if you haven’t experienced BrokenBeat, you are in for a surprise. Sure Kadan is a pretty simple bar that has live music once in a while, but when you pack their dance floor with three screens, some fantastic electronic music and San Diego’s best looking girls, you…well…you get BrokenBeat.

Club Kadan - FREE
4696 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92108


Flyer for BrokenBeat - Flyer for BrokenBeat

More information about BrokenBeat and the performers can be found at

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